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Jordan CMFT Viz Air 11 Anthracite/Volt-Black Since being introduced jordans online store last September, the Jordan Brand CMFT hybrid series has been a success with the sneaker community. Thus far, the improbable union between the Nike Air Jordan and Air Max has resulted in releases like the Viz Air 11 and Max Air 12. New colorways of both versions will arrive at our website tonight, and here a look at the latest Viz Air 11. The Viz Air 11 is definitely inspired by the original Nike Air Jordan XI, but there plenty of room for other Jordan sway too. Consider this colorway for example; a black-on-black upper is highlighted by a Jordan III-like tonal elephant print wrapped from toe to heel. The dark base sets the stage for eye popping volt, which turns up on the inner liner, tongue branding and midsole. Wrapping things up below is an elephant-textured rubber outsole. ords Zack Schlemmer In this variation of our site Memory Lane we go back to 1998 with a page full of classics from Nike Basketball and early authentic jordan shoes for sale cheap Jordan Brand Highlighting the page is the Air Jordan XII, which will release this Saturday, April 21 in the Black/White Playoffs colorway. While we didn get an opportunity to buy that colorway from this page, we did get choices of another three of the five original colorways of the shoe, for example, Obsidian colorway that will retro in June. Also from Jordan Brand, we see the interesting Air Jordan Trainer and one of the finest Jordan team shoes ever, the Jumpman Pro. The hits just keep coming on this particular page with complete classics from Nike Basketball like the Air Penny III, Gary Payton Air Zoom Flight, Air Pippen II, and Foamposite Pro in its beloved Pearl jordans for sale cheap colorway. It difficult to believe now that there was a time when you could get all of these celebrated and sought after shoes from only one single page of our web site. Nike Air Jordan 11 PE for Maya Moore Maya air jordan 4 iv retro shoes fur winter black mens Moore just joined the list of Jordan Brand athletes with an Nike Air Jordan 11 to their name. The WNBA sportsman threw up a photo of these impressive Jordan XIs coinciding with her season opener. The sneakers have some of exactly the same flavor as that Ray Allen Nike Air Jordan 11 Rings pair what with the title earning pedigree and that ring detailing on the tongue. Continue reading to see the Minnesota Lynx pair, along with a similar Nike Air Jordan XX8 SE, then tell us in the comments if you're feeling the Nike Air Jordan 11 Maya Moore player exclusives.
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